Markets in the Haute Vienne (87)

Haute Vienne (87)
Monday Bujalef Foire last Monday of every month

Morning market.
Sheep market 1st and 3rd Monday of the month

Place de la motte et
Place des bancs

Daily market at these 2 locations
Meuzac Foire every 4th Monday of the month
Mezziers-sur-Issoire Sheep fair 2nd Monday of every month
Market 2nd Monday of every month
Foire 4th Monday of every month
Market  3rd Monday of every month
Peyrat- le-Chateau Foire 1st Monday of every month
St-Leonard-de-Noblat Foire Monday of every month
Sauviat-sur-Vige Special event every 2nd Monday of each month
Tuesday Bersac-sur-Rivalier Afternoon market from 4pm
Bussiere-Poitevine Small morning market
Champagne-la-Riviere Morning market
Cognac-la-foret Foire 1st Tuesday of every month
Lauriere Morning market
Limoges –
Le Vigenal, rue Halevy
Place de la motte
Place des bancs

Morning market

Daily market at these 2 locations in Limoges

Nantiat Morning market
Peyrat-le-Château Morning market
Rochechouart Morning food produce market
St Junien Small market
St Mathieu Evening Market
St Pardoux-la-Riviere Foire 2nd Tuesday of every month
Wednesday Ambazac Foire every 1st Wednesday of the month
Bellac Morning market
Bursac-sur-Revalier Morning market
Bussiere-Galant Evening market
Le Dorat Morning market
Cognac-La-Foret Small morning market – Fresh produce
Isle Morning market
Place de la motte
Place des bancs
Daily market at these 2 loctions
Place Haute Cité Morning market
Pont St-Martial Morning market
Place Paul Parbelle Morning market
Nantiat Small morning market
Sereilhac Morning market
St-Sulpice-Lauriere Small morning market



Small morning market

Bussiere-Poitevine Small morning market
Chalus Foire 2nd Thursday of every month
Coussac Bonneval Morning market
Eymoutiers Foire 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month
Place de la motte
Place des bancs
Daily market at these 2 locations.
Limoges - La Bastide, Morning market
Limoges - rue Léon Jouhaux et Corgnac, Morning market
Limoges - place du Commerce Morning market
Magnac Laval
(place de la Republique)
Morning market
Oradour-sur-Vayres Small morning market
Foire 3rd Thursday of every month
Peyrat-La-Château Morning market
Razés Small morning market
Solignac 1st Thursday of every month
St-Pardoux –la-Riviére Small morning market
St Victurnien Very small morning market


Aixe-sur-Vienne Small morning market
Foire 1st Friday of every month
Ambazac Small morning market
Bessines-sur-Gartempe Small morning market
Beujaleuf Small morning market
Chalus Morning market (not on 2nd Friday of every month)
Chateauponsac Very small food produce market
Couziex Evening market  16.30-19.30 (General goods)
Le Dorat Morning market
La Jonchère-St-Maurice Small morning market
Place de la motte
Place des bancs
Daily market at these 2 locations
Limoges:-Place Haute-Vienne
Place Marceau
Morning market
Limoges:-Beaubreuil, (Place Jean Montalat) Morning market
Limoges:-Nexon (Gebera) Small Morning market
Foire 3rd Friday of the month
Pierre Buffiere Morning market
Foire 1st and 3rd Friday of every month
Razés Small morning market
Rochechouart Morning market for food produce
St-Maurrice-les-Brousse Evening market. From 16.00
St-Sulpice-Lauriere Morning market


Foire every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

Saturday Aixe-sur-Vienne Morning market
Bellac Morning market
Bussiere-Boffy Morning market
Chateauponsac Very small morning, fresh produce market
Condat-sur-Vienne Morning market
Eymoutiers Morning farmers market
Flavignac Foire 1st Saturday of every month
smaller market every other Saturday
Le-Palais-sur-Vienne Morning market
Lauriére Morning market
Place de la motte
Place des bancs
Daily market at these 2 locations
Place Marceau
Morning market
Linards Morning market 1st Saturday of every month
Magnac Bourg
Foire 2nd Saturday of every month
Nantiat Morning market
Peyrat-le-Château Morning market
Rhilhac-Rancon Very small market

Small Market. Foire every 3rd Saturday of the month

Sunday Bessine sur Gartempe Small morning market
Blond Morning market
Bosmie L’Aguille Morning market
Chateauneuf-La-Foret Foire every 2nd Sunday of the month
Cussac Morning market
Foire 4th Sunday of every month
Dournazac Morning market July and August only
Lauriére Morning market
Mortmort Morning market July and August only
Panazol Morning market
Peyrilhac Morning market
St Jouvent Foire 1st Sunday of every month
St Pardoux la Riviére Small morning market
Peyrat le Château Foire 3rd Sunday of every month
Veyrat Market 2nd Sunday of every month
Regular monthly Foires - Haute Vienne (87)
Ambazac 21st of every month
Bellac 1st of every month
Bessine-sur-Gartempe 11th of every month (if the 11th is a Sunday Foire will be on Saturday the 10th)
Blond 25th of every month
Bussière-Poitevine 5th of every month
Châteauponsac 3rd of every month
Cieux 28th of every month
La Croisille-sur-Briance 18th of every month
Le Dorat 13th of every month
La Jonchère-St-Maurice 18th of every month
Laurière 29th of every month
Magnac-Laval 22nd of every month
Meuzac 4th of every month
Mézières-sur-Issoire 10th of every month (if the 10th is a Sunday then Foire is on Saturday the 9th)
Nantiat 24th of every month
Nedde 13th of every month
Nouic 26th of every month
Razès 23rd of every month
Rochechouart 26th of every month
St-Junien 3rd Saturday of every month
St-Laurent-sur-Gorre 23rd of every month
St-Mathieu 13th of every month (unless 13th is a Sunday)
St-Sulpice-Laurière 21st of every month
St-Victurnien 29th of every month
Vayres 29th of every month






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